We have more than 25 years experience in setting up Carburettors and Ecu's on a Rolling Road or an Engine Dyno. Here at Stanton Motorsports we have covered all types of carburettor, whether it be a Holley on a Chevy V8, a Solex on a Bristol, a webber DCOE on a Jaguar or a Ford Escort, an SU on a Frazer Nash or a Zenith on a Bugatti T35.

We are very focused on drivability on both road cars and race cars and consider this to be equally as important as wide open throttle settings. Our advanced Dynomax control software can simulate true road load, this is a unique feature and helps with the final set up of engine and transmission.

It is not uncommon for us to see supercharged engines running on Methanol; whether it be an MG, Bristol, Ford Escort or an ERA we can get the most out of it. Formula cars are not a problem, we have no ground clearance problems as we run a single 24" diameter roller that lifts the wheels slightly. We have run Shadow F1 with DFV power, F2 with BMW M12 power, and F3 with Nova Motor power.

ECU's mapping is not a problem, we cover MOTEC, MBE and others.

Our current Land-And-Sea Rolling Road produces very accurate and repeatable Horse Power and Torque figures whether it be on an Austin 7 with 20 Hp or a Dodge Viper over 500 Hp. The results are repeatable to within 1Hp on back to back runs and from day to day, or year to year as all our results are real time corrected by our Dynomax software using its own weather station. We can hold 500 rear wheel HP - steady state, and can record over a 1000Hp on a power run.

We have worked hard over the last few years upgrading the cell to make sure exhaust gasses are safely extracted by our custom built ventilation system, and noise is contained within our sound proofed cell.

Some of the regular visitors to our rolling road - Aerial Motor Company, Morgan car Company, Caterham Cars, JSW group, Ten Tenths, Classic Performance Engineering, Tula Engineering, XK Motorsport, Ridgeway Race Engines, TT Motors Racing, Richard Thorne classic cars.

All Classics, road or race, standard or modified, are welcome, whether it needs a carb balance and tickover mixture set, or new electronic distributor fitted, timed and optimised. Please contact us to book in or discuss your requirements.

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Stanton Motorsport, Classic and Vintage Cars

Stanton Motorsport has firmly established itself as a specialist company for servicing, restoration, engine testing and development, and competition preparation for important vintage and classic cars.

Would Archie Frazer-Nash and Ettore Bugatti approve?

Many Vintage & Classic cars are a work of art and viewed as one of the things in life that are simply so special, they command nothing but the highest level of skill from those we entrust to preserve their beauty. Finding someone so skilled and dedicated isnt always easy!

Steve Stanton, BSc Meng founded Stanton Motorsports in 1988, working hard to build up a solid reputation based on a high level of skilled engineering and attention to detail. Most of our client base is from personal referrals. We like to think that if the renowned engineer and innovator Archie Frazer-Nash or the legendary Ettore Bugatti, were around today, they'd approve of our workmanship!

Steve Stanton in his 1929 Frazer Nash Super Sport at Prescott hill climb:

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Engine Development Engine Development
If you have a car, whether it be pre or post war, that needs an engine re-build, chassis-up restoration or anything in-between, we have the expertise & knowledge to do a first class job......
Service Service
The precision and care we take when carrying out a service is designed to protect and enhance the performance and condition of your vehicle......
Restoration Restoration
Our aim to sympathetically restore vehicles to their original specification where possible, has earned us a reputation as specialists in the restoration & re-creation of classic and vintage cars.
Parts Parts
Our engineering & knowledge of specialist Suppliers means we can either re-manufacture parts ourselves or have them re-manufactured for you, either as one offs or large CNC batches, anything from gearbox internals to stub axles...
Iso Grifo A3/C. Portimao, Algarve historics 2011

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