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Valve Train Analysis

Our latest software allows us to build a very accurate model of the whole valve train, we measure the rocker inertia, instead of guessing like many other packages. When we have a spring that is up top the job, we can then look at contact stresses between camshaft lobe and follower. If we are happy with the contact stresses we can look at valve spring harmonics and indeed the effect of the camshaft profile on the valve train harmonics as a whole.

For many years we have been designing camshaft profiles in house. Our computer software allows us to analyse the profiles to ensure follower velocity, acceleration, jerk and contact stresses are all within limits and also to test the probable improvements on our engine simulation software. It is very important to simulate Valve train dynamics to test for valve float and valve spring harmonics to ensure our engines are safe to a specific rpm requirement.

Contact stresses between cam and follower are also calculated to ensure long life of cam and follower, DLC coatings can be used if necessary. Valve closing speed is a parameter many cam designs have never even been tested for – this can result in a catastrophic failure as a result of valve bounce and then valve failure.

 Valve Chain Cam 1 Valve Chain Cam 2

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