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In 2011 Stanton Motorsports had the pleasure of fully restoring a tired competition 1965 Iso Grifo A3/C.

We started by stripping it down to a bare shell, then it was sent to be media blasted.

During blasting the total of removed paint and filler was astonishing, filling three large buckets. We then knew the condition of the shell, which was far from good.

There where many areas on the shell which were barely salvageable and needed specialist work.

Once fully repaired and back to its former glory, it was ready for paint. Every rivet, painstakingly removed and replaced once painted.

Now all gleaming, we started to assemble the Iso with all the rebuilt/re-conditioned components that we prepared and sourced from far and wide.

The finished article. A mix of detail for road and competition that gives reliability, whether competing in the Masters Gt and Sports Car Cup or travelling to the pub.

Engine Development Engine Development
If you have a car, whether it be pre or post war, that needs an engine re-build, chassis-up restoration or anything in-between, we have the expertise & knowledge to do a first class job......
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The precision and care we take when carrying out a service is designed to protect and enhance the performance and condition of your vehicle......
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Our aim to sympathetically restore vehicles to their original specification where possible, has earned us a reputation as specialists in the restoration & re-creation of classic and vintage cars.
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Our engineering & knowledge of specialist Suppliers means we can either re-manufacture parts ourselves or have them re-manufactured for you, either as one offs or large CNC batches, anything from gearbox internals to stub axles...
Iso Grifo A3/C. Portimao, Algarve historics 2011

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